New Adventure

Can you believe it has been almost one month since 2017?

Life is too short to wait, start taking little chances everyday.Two of my new year’s resolutions are: start an online blog and travel more with friends and family. I hope you guys will walk this journey with me.

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my best friend in Tainan. Most people would travel to Taipei instead as it has a more comprehensive underground transport system. And their night markets are more popular.

However when you have a selfless bestie to take you around in a motorcycle, Tainan is actually a lot more tranquil and interesting!


Look at this beautiful fountain, if I didn’t tell you, you would think I am in Europe! This is the Chimei Museum, one of the best museums in Tainan. We didn’t actually get into the museum because the view outside is simply splendid.




My friend took us to a famous bubble tea takeout shop to buy our beverages before arriving at the museum.  It is so nice to just take some time off to spend some quality time with my best friend whilst enjoying this beautiful place.

It is very interesting how most residents in Tainan would own a motorcycle for daily transport instead of using public transport system. They even have a special lane on the road just for motorcycles.

Before I finish, I must share one of my favourite meals I had during this trip.The squid noodles! OMG this bowl of noodle is the most delicious noodle I have ever had.So yum! ❤

I am new to blogging, so thank you very much for reading my first blog! Talk to you soon!



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