Are you a foodie?

Look vs Taste

As a foodie, I am very particular about the food that I eat. There’s nothing happier than finding a nice restaurant and enjoying the amazing food with your friends/family.

But sometimes there are some struggles when it comes to finding food that both looks good and tastes good. Some restaurants do compromise the look of food with its taste.

Let me share two restaurants I visited lately.

whatsapp-image-2017-01-29-at-5-25-01-pmThis is a brunch that I’ve had with my best friend in Tainan, it is a tiny cafe just around the street corner. The dish comes with pancakes, scrabble eggs, some pork and a little side salad. Look at that, isn’t that cuteeee how the chef decorated plate! The restaurant even had a shop next door just selling all the dinnerware the restaurant uses.


And the most special part about this restaurant is that the menu is hand written and you can pick your desired tea from the list. I picked the “French theatre”, fruit tea, with a delightful taste. I’ll give this 8 out of 10 overall.


Another restaurant that I visited is located in HK, I read about it from another blog and like me, you’re probably attracted by this green latte from my blog cover. The latte was half warm when it was served and the taste was disappointing. The waffle with strawberry sauce also looked better than it tasted, I felt like the waffle was precooked instead of freshly made.

I give it a 6/10 given the price of the food is not cheap in this cafe.

I would advice everyone to go and research more about the restaurant before going instead of just reading it off from one post.

Hope you enjoy my post. Talk to you soon ❤

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