Shopping and eating make me happy

To me, Shopping + Eating + Travelling = Happiness.

It’s not too difficult to be happy. The key to be happiness is to be thankful for what you’ve got.


A little sharing for today. 🙂

OOTD, I’m wearing a burgundy top from Berksha, paired with my black jeans from Jack Wills. Don’t know about you guys, but since it is supposed to be “Winter”, I feel obligated to dress in a winter style even though it is 21 degree celsius here in Hong Kong.

For the outer layer I am wearing a leather jacket together with a burberry scarf to keep warm (from the air conditioning in the malls). Bag I’m using is from Kate Spade.

The lip stain (colour rose) is from benefit.


For lunch I went to have hotpot with my sister, in this restaurant you can pick your own soup base, pick the ingredients (pork, beef, vegetables, noodles) you want and cook at your own pace lol. Yes, for Asians, we like to go to restaurants and cook food ourselves sometimes. The restaurant uses Kumamon Bear as decoration.


Then we just went shopping from the mall, I can share some of my shoppings in another blog, but I’ve bought this little guy, I’ll name him Bub.


For shopping, I follow my one and only rule: love at first sight. Okay, another rule: is it within my purchasing power.  If yes, I’ll definitely buy it. Okay, that’s it for today! I’ll talk to you guys soon. ❤

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