A post for stationery addicts…

I have always had a special love for stationery.

And I knew it when I was little.

I would spend all my pocket money on pens and planners in those little shops. The stationery haul before the start of school is one of the reasons why I looked forward to going back to school again. The brand new stationery sets kept me motivated.

My love for stationery never faded, but I did struggle a little when I started going to work after colleague. You see, some of the companies provide company stationery for their employees, like the one I’m working at.

So in the beginning I used all of the company provided pens/notebooks, because on one hand I thought people would think I’m stupid for buying my own stationery when you can actually get it free at work, and it might look unprofessional on the other.

Then one day I came across Kikki K (This video’s not sponsored), and I just fell in love with this brand. It’s elegant and it’s not too childish to be used at work.In terms of price range, the planners are a bit too pricey if you buy it at normal price, but it would usually do a big sale at the end of year. (Can be up to 50% off or something). From then on, I just slowly stopped using the stationery at work and use the ones that I buy.

Let me share some of my purchases at kikki k.

1. “There is no someday” golden cover journal

This journal caught my eye right away when I entered the shop, I absolutely love its golden cover. Nothing motivates me like a pretty notebooks. I have more than 10 unused notebooks at home. But I still can’t stop buying one whenever a gorgeous one like this shows up. Haha. I am a checklist person, I love writing things down and then cross them out with a highlighter. This gives me satisfaction lol. Anyone else share this habit?

I use this as my daily to do checklist notebook at work. My job requires me to multi-task very often, and when I am working on something, someone might ask for my help on another task. It is easy to forget what you are working on.

So what I do is, in the beginning of the day, I will spend 10 mins putting down all the tasks I have to do for the day. And whenever someone asks for my help, I’ll ask them to give me a minute, write it down in the list and get it back when I have finished my current task.

I’ll use a yellow highlighter for the finished tasks and for the ones that still need extra work, I’ll use a green highlighter. The next day, I’ll copy those green highlighted tasks to my to do list for the day so I will not miss out anything.


2. 2017 Planner

Okay, I have actually converted to digital (google calendar) for some time. And it is a lot more reliable compared to the traditional planners at it has alerts and it can be synchronised with my other calendars. But still as a tradition, I always buy a paper planner at the start of the year, to keep myself motivate for the year.

And of course, decorating the planner is the fun part.


3. Sticker books

Yes, I bought 3 sticker books just to decorate my planner. Kikki K is honestly very EVIL for having this sticker products. I remember one time I was walking in the mall with my friends and we past by Kikki k, one of them said, HA, who would actually pay that much for stickers. I would, I said :P. And he laughed at me.

But honestly look at them, aren’t they gorgeous? I think I can show you how I decorate my planner in another blog, so stay tuned 🙂


4. Cup and Saucer glass set

I love tea. Simply addicted. What’s a better way to start the day by having a nice cup of tea? I prefer tea to coffee as it makes me more energetic gradually instead of abruptly. Using pretty glassware definitely makes your tea more delicious.


5. Glass Display Box

Okay, I still haven’t thought of what to put inside this box, but I just had to get it. I saw this on pinterest and I saved it as one of my pins. Probably going to use this as my jewellery box. What do you guys think?


Okay that’s pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed reading. Do you guys have any stationery brands that you love using? Let me know in the comments below! Till next time 🙂 ❤

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  1. Wonderful stuff! I haven’t shopped at Kikki.K yet, but I imagine I’ll come out of the shop penniless when I do! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaa yes, that’s what happened to me!


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