Stop forcing a smile

Does smiling mean you are genuinely happy?

Ask yourself a question. How much time do you spend smiling without actually feeling happy?

Okay don’t get me wrong, I am a very optimistic person. I look at things as positive as I can. But there are times when I feel sad too. Maybe once a week, or all a sudden during middle of a workday or at the middle of the night. Sometimes you can explain the sadness, sometimes you can’t.

In the past, I would try to smile 99% of the time because I want to let everyone know that I’m happy. Even when I feel sad, I will put on a big smile and tell myself everything’s going to be okay. “When those sad feelings fade, I will be okay.”

But I’m not.

My smile is my mask.

I feel like I have to smile because I’m supposed to be happy. Forced happiness is an illusion created from social media that makes everyone feels inferior. Goals everywhere and I’m just a loser. Why does everyone’s life seems so perfect? Mine sucks. Why does she has a perfect body and I’m fat like a pig? Why does they have so much money to travel and I can’t even afford a proper meal?

Yes, they all seem to have a perfect life. But do you know what happens behind the camera? If you are truly happy, why do you need to take the perfect photo to let everyone know you are happy? Think about the last time you are feeling really happy, did you bother to take out a camera to capture the moment? If you need someone to validate your happiness, you are probably not happy.

The key to happiness is not telling yourself everything is perfect. But rather admit your imperfection and embrace it. Seek validation from within.

When you are feeling sad, find your release. You can cry, you can write your diary or you can go punch your pillow. Just admit you’re sad and release the negative energy. And it is not the end of the world.

For myself, happiness comes after the release because I stay true to my emotions.

But you need to put yourself together after feeling sad. Turn the negative energy into motivation. So something you always wanted to do. Being optimistic doesn’t mean you have to stay happy all the time, but rather it means you know how to channel your negative energy to do something productive.

Turn the negativity into motivation.

Next time you don’t feel like smiling, don’t.

And when you do smile, it’s because you can’t help doing it.

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