Exploration of a new Japanese restaurant

Have you ever wanted to do certain things, but never get to do it because your friends don’t want to go?

Recently there’s a new fish market restaurant opened near my workplace. I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant with my friends, but there’s always someone who against the idea as it is a bit far out.

Yesterday it just hit me. Why can’t I go by myself?

And I did.

I grabbed my camera and just went.


The restaurant Yamataka, originated from the Japan Tsukiji fish market, is a newly opened restaurant in Hong Kong located near the Wanchai habour.


There are three restaurants within the fish market and the one I went to is a standing sushi bar. Yes, standing. There are no seats! That’s right, you have to stand while you enjoy your sushi. Although it is a bit tiring to stand throughout the meal, the delicious sushi definitely made it up.


Look at that. The dish came with 11 pieces of sushi, 2 salmon, 2 white meat fish, 1 sweet shrimps, 2 scramble egg, 1 crab roe Gukan and 2 rolls. And I can say the taste of these sushi is as good as their looks.


The lunch set also came with a bowl of udon noodles which is very flattering in this cold weather.


And the best of all, the restaurant comes with this perfect view. After lunch, my mood was boosted as a result of my awesome lunch.

For Food I’ll give it 4.5/5, as the sushi is really fresh and delicious.

Service, I’ll give it a 3/5 as it can get quite tiring due to the no seat situation.

Finally for the Environment, I’ll give it a 4/5 for this awesome sea view.

Next time when you hesitated to do something because no one is accompanying you, just grab your camera and go.

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